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Lacrosse is known as the, “fastest game on two feet” for a reason! The sport of lacrosse is fast paced, physical, exciting and action-packed. America’s oldest team sport has quickly become America’s fastest growing sport and Total Lacrosse has everything you need to keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest the lacrosse industry has to offer.


To perform your best on the field, Total Lacrosse wants to assure that all your equipment fits, moves and performs to your demands. Choosing the correct equipment for each individual will assure that the athlete will have the best protection and comfort available.

No matter your position, age or level-of-play there are three things you should always consider: protection, flexibility and ventilation.

In the process of choosing which equipment is best for you and your style of play, there are a few general points which can be beneficial:

Protection vs. Flexibility: Because lacrosse is the fastest growing game on two feet, players are doing all they can to keep up. Many times players will sacrifice protection for added flexibility and comfort. On the flip side, players are always sacrificing their body for success on the field. Players demand protection to keep them safe when dodging hard to the goal for a shot or when they are digging down to possess a ground ball. Before you start shopping for protective equipment, evaluate the type of player you are. Does success in your game mean being faster than the others? Do you find yourself in a lot of physical play? Are you the player who goes for the goal, or the one who keeps others from doing so? With advances in manufacturing, materials and design, modern lacrosse equipment has come a long way. When shopping for equipment, be mindful of the materials used and the multiple flex points in a pad. Players often shy away from pads which look more protective because they associate those pads with unwanted bulk and restriction. Pads can offer great protection while also being flexible. If you are a first time player then search for the pads which offer you both protection and flexibility equally. You want to be ready to play and experience all the positions on the field so you can find your strengths; look for pads which will allow you to succeed at all positions.

Life of Equipment: Lacrosse is physical and your equipment is going to take a beating. Even the world’s highest quality equipment cannot withstand the physical play of the sport forever. Factors such as: equipment care, age, average amount of play and weather conditions vary too great to say how long your equipment should last. However, we do not suggest you purchase equipment which you plan on “growing into” in hopes of getting a little extra life out of your gear. Lacrosse equipment is manufactured specifically to the unique movements of the sport. For example, lacrosse gloves are made to allow the players wrist to move freely; snapping the wrist is a crucial movement in passing and shooting the ball. If player’s gloves are too large, they will restrict this movement and the player will quickly become discouraged and frustrated. Make sure you purchase your correct size now so you don’t find yourself thinking about your gear and not thinking about game.

Areas of Focus: A helmet, shoulder pads, arm protection, gloves and a mouth guard are all the required pieces of protective equipment. Players need to protect their entire body but they need to pay special attention to the high risk areas which are the players head and their hands. The helmet is the most important piece of protective equipment; always make sure you invest the most interest into the purchase of your helmet. The second most important piece of protective equipment is the player’s gloves. The hands of a lacrosse player take a lot of abuse from stick checks, ground ball play and shots. For male players, although not mandatory, we highly suggest an athletic cup; another area where protection is needed.

Unique Athletes: Lacrosse is a unique sport and so are the players! You can’t ignore that lacrosse is a fashionable sport, although safety and comfort are the two most important aspects in choosing the right equipment, don’t forget about the style. The modern equipment Total Lacrosse provides keeps you stylish when you are on the field; score goals and feel great doing it! Don’t shy away from expressing your personality on the field through colors and designs which represent you as a person and a player. We encourage you to have fun when making your purchase; you’ll always remember your first stick. We hope that your purchase will be a fun and memorable experience.

The fitting and buying guides which we provide will help you make the best decision when choosing the right equipment for your needs. Our compare tool will allow you use your new lacrosse knowledge and apply it directly to the gear you’re interested in. If at any time in your shopping experience you should have a question, please feel free to contact us! We are extremely passionate about lacrosse and we are excited to have you join the lacrosse community!