We love lacrosse and everything about it. We love playing and talking about the game. We love the equipment. We love watching it and we love helping people get started in the game or get fitted with the latest and greatest technologies. We know first-hand about the importance of quality lacrosse equipment - and making sure it's the right equipment for you. We stand firmly behind all our products via our low price guarantee and our unmatched return policy. Regardless of if you're new to lacrosse or a long-time all-star, we have the gear for you. We will gladly share our enthusiasm for our lacrosse products - in our stores, on the field or at home.

Commonwealth Lacrosse was founded in 1997 in Weymouth, Massachusetts. What started as a small lacrosse store in a small town has grown to be one of the largest lacrosse retailers in the U.S.A., with many convenient store locations. Every ComLax store manager across the board is a former or current lacrosse player and fanatic. Their knowledge and passion for the game are unrivaled. Their willingness to share honest opinions about products, fitting and service are second-to-none. Their stringing ability is top notch. For us, it’s not about getting you to spend as much money as possible, it’s about making sure you leave the store knowing you were treated well, fitted properly, educated about the products and satisfied with your purchase.

We are proud of what we have built with some of the most talented and dedicated employees a company could have. We carry ALL the best lacrosse equipment at the best prices - STX, Brine, Nike, Warrior, Maverik, DeBeer, Gait, Cascade and so much more! We look forward to serving you in all things lacrosse for many years to come!