Adrenaline Lacrosse Equipment California-based Adrenaline apparel company is an innovative world leader in lacrosse culture fashion. Known for their high performance socks, Adrenaline has expanded their product line to seasonally designing shirts, shorts, hats and more. Adrenaline is worn by professional lacrosse players from around the world. Show your passion for lacrosse off the field and look good with the latest stylish products from Adrenaline Apparel.
Brine Lacrosse Equipment Brine, a member of the New Balance brand, is one of the origianl and most innovative lacrosse brands in the world. Brine designed the original offset head and their technology hasn't stopped improving sense. Brine lacrosse equipment is created for and tested by the world's top lacrosse players in Major League Lacrosse. ComLax stocks all your Brine lacrosse needs.
Cascade Lacrosse Equipment Cascade was founded to pioneer a new generation of sporting helmets. For over 20 years, Cascade has been delivering top notch helmets based on a vision of science, style and performance. Check out ComLax for Cascade's leading edge of design and safety in helmets. We are your source for Cascade helmets.
CCM Lacrosse Equipment ComLax carries a complete line of CCM hockey products from hockey skates to helmets. Whether you are looking for the Vector or Tacks hockey skates worn by the pros, Vector composite sticks, pro-level hockey gloves, or the NHL's most popular hockey helmet, we have your CCM hockey gear here. Check out the latest offerings: CCM RBZ Hockey Skates & Taylor Made Sticks
deBeer Lacrosse Equipment deBeer Lacrosse is an industry leader in women's lacrosse equipment. deBeer lacrosse is the official equipment supplier for the Women's Team USA lacrosse team. deBeer lacrosse is great equipment for developing players and elite players alike. deBeer lacrosse offers innovation in sticks, goggles, gloves and more.
Jimalax Lacrosse Equipment Jimalax is the premiere lacrosse mesh and string supplier. Jimalax offers a wide variety of mesh styles and colors along with a variety of colored sidewall and shooting strings. ComLax stocks all of your Jimalax lacrosse mesh needs.
KT Tape Lacrosse Equipment KT Tape is a revolutionary sports medicine solution for treating and preventing common sports injuries such as ITBS, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, knee pain and more. Ultra-light, elastic, and strong, KT Tape is highly effective at providing pain relief, stability & support, & faster recovery for injured or sore muscles and joints-without sacrificing comfort or freedom of movement.
Maverik Lacrosse Equipment Maverik Lacrosse, a member of the Bauer company, delivers the most advanced lacrosse products to date. Maverik Lacrosse is known for their superior quality as well as their superior style. Maverik makes equipment for developing players along with equipment used by some of the top collegiate teams in the United States. If you want style and you want the best equipment made for lacrosse, then you want Maverik Lacrosse gear from ComLax.
Mueller Sports Lacrosse Equipment Mueller Sports develops some of the most popular sports medicine items available. ComLax stocks a huge variety of Mueller sports tape, used for the lacrosse stick. Along with the huge tape selection Mueller also makes a variety of mouth guards and other sports medicine items. ComLax is your source for Mueller Sports Medicine products.
Pro Guard Lacrosse Equipment Pro Guard offers a complete selection of hockey equipment accessories. Dedicated to utilizing the latest innovative technology in its products, Pro Guard is constantly looking to create the best hockey accessories around. ComLax is your source for Pro Guard hockey equipment.
Reebok Lacrosse Equipment Reebok is an innovative and high performance brand that is a global leader in the sporting goods industry, offering a broad portfolio of products available in virtually every country of the world. Reebok Hockey is the official outfitter of the National Hockey League, the National Lacrosse League, the American Hockey League, the Canadian Hockey League and several NCAA and national teams. ComLax is your premier source for Reebok gear.
Shock Doctor Lacrosse Equipment ComLax carries a broad range of Shock Doctor products from the leading mouth protection on the market to high performance footbeds to innovative jocks. No one does foundational protection and performance wear better than Shock Doctor. We are your source for Shock Doctor gear.
SKLZ Lacrosse Equipment Proven Sports Training Aids - Great Trainer Products For Kids & Adults! SKLZ offers performance sports training aids and athlete sports training equipment for hockey, baseball, basketball, football, golf, and soccer.
STX Lacrosse Equipment STX is one of the original lacrosse companies and the have been on top ever since they began. STX invented the first plastic lacrosse head and they have continually been innovative every year since. STX is worn by a majority of NCAA DI collegiate programs. STX makes head, shafts, protective gear and more. ComLax is stocks all the men's and women's STX gear.
Tapout Lacrosse Equipment ComLax carries some of the most advanced mouthguards for contact sports. And Tapout is among the leaders taking charge. The fiercest competitors from arguably the toughest sport on earth use advanced Tapout technology to protect themselves. Advanced technology, a broad range of team colors, Tapout tough, all backed by one of the most extensive warranties available. Make ComLax your number one source for your protection.
Warrior Lacrosse Equipment Warrior is a leader in performance hockey/lacrosse equipment. Warrior gear is developed and tested by some of the best professional athletes around the world. Warrior specializes equipment from gloves to sticks to apparel. If you're looking for Warrior equipment and apparel, ComLax has it.